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Staffing Outsourcing Temporary Job Placement
in Berlin

We provide qualified
personnel for the health care
industry in Berlin and
world wide.

Innovative Staff Management from A – Z:

- Applicant consulting
- Business Consultancy
- Headhunting
- Outsourcing
- Outplacement
- Personnel Leasing
- Personnel Placement
- Personnel Recruitment
- Placing Service
- Staffing Consultancy
- Supply of temporary staff
- Temporary Employment Service

We are the partner of more than 500 companies Personnel solutions in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt/Main, London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney and Toronto

Our Labour – Your Advantage


Are you on the hunt for a challenging new career?
Send us your application information
so that we can provide you with an appropriate position!
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Apply for all open positions in all job categories:
e.g. in the Medical or Pharmaceutical Field.