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Staffing Outsourcing Temporary Job Placement
in Berlin

We provide qualified
personnel for the health care
industry in Berlin and
world wide.

Innovative Staff Management from A – Z:

- Applicant consulting
- Business Consultancy
- Headhunting
- Outsourcing
- Outplacement
- Personnel Leasing
- Personnel Placement
- Personnel Recruitment
- Placing Service
- Staffing Consultancy
- Supply of temporary staff
- Temporary Employment Service

We are the partner of more than 500 companies Personnel solutions in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt/Main, London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney and Toronto

Our Labour –
Your Advantage


Responsible Publisher:
Thomas Gläser
Executive Director

Boyenstr. 46, D-10115 Berlin
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E-Mail: info@buerolina.de

Court of Jurisdiction: Charlottenburg
Registration number: HRB 90654


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